Improve Efficiency with Inline and Offline Solutions

Posted by Lance Symonds on 10/24/18 11:20 AM



Webster defines "efficiency" as being “the ability to do something or produce something without wasting materials, time or energy.”

Improving efficiencies in your operations is the best way to maximize production and increase output. Every industry, whether it’s warehousing, manufacturing, packaging or food production, is looking to streamline and improve efficiency to keep up with today’s ever changing, fast-paced world.

The Two Main Groups of Efficiencies

In today’s world, automation is the simplest answer to improving efficiency. That doesn’t mean that automation is simple or easy, it just means that for most companies when they think better, faster, stronger, they think “automation!

There are thousands of companies out there that provide thousands of solutions, systems and equipment to help companies with improving efficiencies through automation. Of all the equipment available, they can all be divided into two groups: INLINE or OFFLINE (Note: Sometimes offline is referred to as standalone.)

What Do You Mean Inline or Offline Solutions?

Inline Solutions

The term “Inline” refers to systems that can be large and have direct contact with main production lines. These “inline” systems consist of multiple pieces of equipment, which are integrated together to function as one system. The equipment that makes up these “systems” can be from different companies and each perform special functions that help contribute to the end product/solution. Inline solutions are full automation systems, designed to provide maximum efficiency and minimize human interaction.

Example of Inline Solutions:

Baumfolder’s document insertion systems can start with printing multiple sheets, folding and staging for verification, if needed. From the staging units the folded sheets are inserted into cartons that contains product placed upstream. This document insertion system can be integrated with fully automated picking and packing solutions to maximize limited human resources.

Offline Solutions

Offline solutions can range from small to large, tailored to meet production demand and space limitations. Offline systems have no direct contact with larger production lines, but instead are utilized to help support primary product processes. These systems are perfect for streamlining and automating a specific task or operation.

Example of Offline Solutions:

Baumfolder’s bulk print and fold offline solutions allow companies to bulk print and fold offline a variety of forms, instructions, brochures and statements. Once material is printed and folded operators will transfer the printed material to the production line to be utilized for assembly or shipping processes.

Inline and Offline Solutions Improve Efficiency

Whether your company is looking to implement inline or offline solutions, both are steps in the right direction for improving efficiencies in your facility.

Baumfolder Solutions will provide you with a wide range of inline and offline equipment to help you identify and maximize efficiencies in your facility. Our solutions serve a wide range of industries and are tailored to meet specific processes.
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