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Posted by Lance Symonds on 6/1/17 2:10 PM

DSC_0242.jpgThe growing fulfillment markets are pushing for faster order processing and faster deliveries.

Print, fold, insert and/or apply systems are key to streamlining and improving the simple but slow process of getting important documents in your packages. These solutions remove the human factor by automatically scanning, printing, folding to size and inserting or robotically placing your documents into the matching box/ order with guaranteed accuracy that can run 24/7.

Multiple sheets giving you multiple options

Every order gets an invoice? Great, no problem. Need to now add a packing list or return form to every order….But can’t because your automatic print, fold, and insert (PFI) is only set up for one sheet?

When sourcing your PFI solution be mindful of not only the needs of today but have a system that can grow with your business to include adding more than one document. Printed coupons and other marketing material can be a great way to make every customer a repeat customer. With some PFI solutions these great options can be printed, folded, and inserted with each invoice and/or packing list putting your marketing material right in front of your customers.

Right box every time all the time

Be sure that the document(s) your PFI system is handling is hitting their mark.

 PFI systems are great but let’s help make them perfect! Make sure the PFI project your researching allows for bar code verification. After your document(s) are staged and ready for carton insertion having the option to scan and confirm you have the right document(s) for the right order before being inserted gives you peace of mind, that you will never have the wrong invoice or packing slip getting placed into the incorrect box/carton .

Add color to your world!

Are you tired of black and white documents that don’t standout? Try adding color to your printed documents. Packing slips are easier to identify and marketing material is brought to your customer’s attention when highlighted or printed in color.

If color is what you need or would like to have as an option, ask your PFI supplier if they offer cutting edge, highly visible color prints.


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