What is Document Insertion and How is it Being Used to Retain Customers

Posted by Lance Symonds on 9/6/17 10:17 AM

Customer service and retention is the key to long term growth and success.

baumfolder-hvf-timed-feeder-loader.pngCompanies have to adapt to the new market of “options” or” Choice”. With all the information available online and the many different brands every industry seems to have, getting a customer into the sales funnel can be a 1 in 1000 or even worst a 1 and 1,000,000 chance.  So companies are adapting to focusing more on customer retention, and brand awareness.

          Example: Kohl’s has had major success with their “Kohl’s Cash” this is “money” you earn when you spend money at Kohl’s that you can only “spend” or redeem at Kohl’s.

The new trend in retaining customers


Document insertion systems are the new trend in getting targeted, direct marketing material to customers and keep them coming back.

Companies have learned quickly that although “Email Blast are cheap and easy marketing tool. Their effectiveness of being seen by the consumer is very slim. (Due mostly to the overwhelming amount of emails most people receive in a day).

Printed media is making a big comeback as a main avenue to inform and update customers of special offers, and products.

The cost for a company to print and mail flyers, coupons, catalogs, and magazines monthly or quarterly can be a huge expense, not to mention all the material that ends up become lost in the mail or send to the wrong address.

Target marketing document inserters are the latest and greatest way to reduce the cost and inefficiencies of promotional mailings and advertisements.

These automatic document inserters can be equipped with barcode readers that will scan a customer’s box while it travels down a DC (distribution center) conveyor line which sends the order information to a document inserter that will insert a preloaded printed media that best fits or matches the order. (As an example if an order consists of hunting gear then the system would trigger an inserter filled with a sportsmen’s magazine like Bass Pro or Field and Stream). This is a great addition and resource to any fulfillment or distribution center to offer to the brands they service.

The high volume document inserter allows companies to send with a customer’s order everything the customer would need to re-order, and keep coming back.   

Inserters are also a great solution for coupon applications. These inserters can be configured to dispense coupons selectively and read variable data based on an orders dollar value.

As an example (if a customer spends $100 they get a $10 off their next order coupon, or if they spend $200 they get $20 off their next order).  

Multiple stations can be set up to handle as many inserters that are needed.

Inserting these printed media may be the only form of communication a company may have with their ecommerce customers’.

Baumfolder inserters can hold large capacities on printed material. These systems are widely used in many different industries and can insert many different items.

For more information please call Baumfolder at 1-800-543-6107 or visit us online @ www.Baumfolder.com 


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