What are Print/Fold/Insert Solutions?

Posted by Baumfolder Corporation on 5/3/17 1:20 PM

What are print/fold/insert solutions and how do you schoose the right setup for your operation?

Print/fold/insert and/or apply operations are a great way to streamline and maximize document efficiencies. These print/fold/insert systems are made up of multiple units each performing their specific task but seamlessly working together to take your customer document information and allow your production to address problems such as; managing a large manual workforce, delayed or missed shipments, incorrect or incomplete documentation. These systems allow for increase order processing and increase cpm (cartons per minute).



  • Printing: Every print/fold/insert operation you need to start with printing. Printing isn’t black and white; there are many options and things to consider before selecting the right printer for the job. Like what is your production need, quality, and output target sets the pace for choosing the right printer. The higher your cpm the more likely it is that you will need a printer that is rated for commercial or industrial applications. Lower cpm targets are usually ok for smaller economical printers. It is very important that you choose the right printer for your application.


  • Folding: Sometimes the most technical part of these systems is choosing the best fold pattern that fits your bin, box, or tray sizes. Fold sections much like printers are selected based on the application. Simple folds that consist of a single page and lower qualities can be managed with 714XLT and plow fold stations. Document that require multiple folds and consist of multiple pages with higher qualities are in line with our heavy duty, industrial 1600 fold stations.


  • Inserting/applying: Usually the last operation in the print/fold/insert solutions, is selecting the right delivery station. Size, speed, placement, and accuracy are the name of the game for choosing your delivery station. Robotic solutions tend to be the higher end option for placing documents in boxes/cartons, but give you great accuracy on placement, speed, and versatility. Robotic solutions are perfect for applying folded and packaged documents on the outside of boxes/cartons. Multi-level insertion stations are the most common, widely used, and economical option for inserting your folded documents. These vertical stations can be tailored and specially engineered to fit any box height from 3” to 40”.


Every solution starts with knowing what you want out of your production, and choosing the right automation systems to meet and exceed production goals. Call today 800-543-6107 and for our sales team to work with you on the solution that fits your operation needs.

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