Pre-Printed Document Insertion Solutions

Posted by Sandy Reck on 5/21/18 11:15 AM


Does your processes utilize pre-printed documents?

Do you want to handle them less?

Are you manually folding & inserting your documents?

Then check out our offline pre-printed solutions today

Baumfolder provides offline pre-printed solutions that are perfect for bulk document processes.

These solutions are engineered to accommodate preprinted material that can be loaded onto the Baum20 pile feed folder that feeds and folds up to 5000 sheets per run, at a rate up to 20,000 folded documents per hour.

The fold stations are specialty set to handle a predetermined fold that can handle documents up to 20" x 33".

The solutions can then transfer the folded document into a variety of end of line applications from simple to complex: wrappers, multi-level inserters, robotic placement, and auto baggers.

We can Insert into boxes, Package and glue outside of box and much more…

Pre-Printed Document Solutions:

  • Require low maintenance
  • Handle multiple sheets and multiple carton sizes
  • Durable heavy duty commercial construction 
  • Improve downtime
  • Maximize your CPM (cartons per minute)

These solutions can be used in almost any industry including:  Manufacturing, distribution, order fulfillment, food & beverage, and packaging. Baumfolder can tailor their solutions to handle a wide range of volume from 10 cartons per minute thru 25 cartons per minute.

Contact the BAUM Factory Sales Department direct:

800-543-6107 or

Lance Symonds: 937-494-1201

Jim Brandewie: 937-494-1331

Janice Benanzer: 937-494-1267


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